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Adventure Awaits!

IMG_0016It has been a very long time since I sat down to write.  I miss it because it is so therapeutic to me!  A lot has happened since I blogged last.  We have started a new adventure and I thought this was a great time for me to get back to the blog. 

Entrepreneurs, parents to 5 kids, homeschooling, hobby farmers (this is on the back burner but will be happening again), we are dreamers for sure.  For the last year we have been searching for land and finally found the perfect piece!  In July we closed on the land and started the process of building our new house!  Our lives seem to be ever changing as we create new chapters and sometimes that seems overwhelming and chaotic.    

But just when you thought we couldn’t get any crazier…… We decided it would be best for our family to move while we build the house.  So with our 2 week old brand new baby and other 4 kiddo’s in tow, we moved…. into a camper!  Yep, you read that right!  We moved our family of 7 into a camper on our land. 

We have been asked “Are you crazy?  Why would you do that?” When we made the offer of the land, we had not planned to move into a camper.  But as time went on and we were getting closer to starting the house, I begain thinking about all the time that Joel would be here working on the house and we would be 25 minutes away at our house.  I would be trying to drive back and forth to take dinner to Joel and make sure he didn’t need anything.  I knew I would be trying to keep up with our big house with 5 kids (one of which would be a newborn) and I knew we would feel torn between the two properties.  When I came to Joel and suggested the camper idea he was shocked and excited because he thought it was a great idea but couldn’t believe I would be willing to do it! 

In the end we knew that building a house ourselves would present plenty of obstacles and that either way, staying in our house or moving to a camper, we would be challenged.  We just decided that having us all in one location was the challenge that would work best for us!

So if you are up for some funny stories, keep reading because I plan to try to blog this adventure regularly.  Life inside a camper with 7 people living in it is guaranteed to never be dull!

Here is our Home Sweet Home, for now!  IMG_0018

2 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!”

  1. When I was a child, my parents moved with 5 children to 20 acres to build our dream home.
    We lived in a travel trailer, (camper) too.
    We had electricity but no running water for a long time. He hauled water to our property everyday.
    My sister and I look back at that time as our favorite childhood memories, we ran, we climbed, we explored, we swam in the horses trough, we climbed the hay in the barn and ate the sweet corn out of the livestock feed while exchanging secrets and our dreams for our lives. It was carefree, it was pure, and it was beautiful.
    Your children will treasure the memories that you are making! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I got a little teary eyed reading your comment! What you described is exactly what I hope for my kids during our time in the camper!

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