All Things Rooted

If you have followed our family’s journey for a while, you know we have been on many adventures- doing things most people think are crazy! This blog has been something I have wanted to keep updated with all of those adventures, but I sure haven’t!

In fact, the last “update” I gave on here was 2 years ago! A lot of life has happened since then. We finished a house, sold that house, bought 33 acres, had a baby, built a small house that we currently live in but will one day be an Airbnb, AND started our big house. That’s the short list! Life has been full force and and we are excited about what’s next.

When we started our construction business we wanted a name that was going to really reflect who we are as a family. We landed on Rooted because we are rooted in faith and family.

“Rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7

As we have prayed about the direction God has for our family, we knew that we wanted one place to bring all our adventures together, so All Things Rooted was made! The website is a work in progress but will allow us to keep everything we do in one easy place.

Rooted Homes (our construction business), Rooted Cottage (this will be our Airbnb), Rooted Farms (our growing homestead), and of course the blog, where hopefully updates happen often! We feel as time goes on, All Things Rooted will grow and shift as God leads us, but for now this is it! www.allthingsrooted.com

Thank you for following along with us and encouraging us over the years! We have loved sharing the journey and look forward to continuing to share it!

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