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Harvey 18 monts later

**This post is a duplicate of one I posted over on my An Everyday Love Project, But as his 2nd birthday is approaching, I decided I really wanted it to be here too so I could see it along with all my other Harvey posts! So here is Harvey at 18 months, just posting a few months late!

Dear Harvey,

18 months ago you were born.  The months leading up to that day had been filled with uncertainty because we knew you would be born with a cleft lip.  We were told all of the possibilities and knew that we would have to wait until the day you were born to know the extent of this thing that they call a defect.  We don’t see your cleft as a defect though, but instead we see it as an opportunity for you to one day, tell the world what you overcame.  When picking your name, I looked up the meaning before settling on it.  It means “ready for battle” and we know you came into this world ready to be fighter!

We love your curious personality and love for an adventure.  You keep us on our toes with your “go, go, go” speed. If mommy had to pick her top 3 things right now, it would be your snuggles, kisses, & your giggles! You put a smile on all of our faces and you are so adored!  Your big sisters & brother are your biggest fans and I know they always will be!


I realize when you look back at your pictures, you may wonder why you are always in pajamas.  Well, as a homeschooling family, we end up staying in our PJ’s until lunch…. a lot!  You don’t say a lot of things that we understand but one of our favorites is “where’d it go?”  When someone leaves the room or plays hide-n-seek, you will put your little hands out and ask “where’d it go?”

Harvey8You love to play with firetrucks, of course- just like daddy (and grandpa & uncle!). When you wake up you have to bring your night-night with you.  You are very attached! Getting tickles from mommy is routine because those giggles are contagious!  (photo on the right- credit to big sister Jade!)


Often times, you have a shadow, following you around and making sure you do exactly what the shadow thinks you should do.  You two jump together, play together, and then at times, you decides that the shadow has made you mad! I try to explain that big sisters are a treasure and she will always have your back, but even though there will be times you don’t love that overbearing shadow, you have to remember how much she loves you!


Exploring outside is one of your favorite things to do!  You love to dig in the dirt, find rocks, sticks, ride the tractor or even just ride in daddy’s truck.


I love watching you play and seeing your imagination come alive!  You are very observant and learn quickly how to do things.


DSC_5028bwThe front porch is where we spend most of our mornings.  You love to blow bubbles, swing, attempt to ride the tricycle, and of course, climb everything you can.  You always have a few bumps and bruises to show how brave but uncoordinated you are!


Sweet boy, I love to watch grow and learn, but pray you will always be my little boy!



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