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Meet Harvey

This sweet boy has already made such an impact on our family!  He decided to wait 2 hours after his big brothers birthday ended to make his appearance.  At 2:20am on April 1st, Joel and I got to meet this incredibly handsome boy!  Image Life has been a little crazy with doctor appointments, adjusting to life with 4 kids, and everything else that goes on in life, but Harvey has been an amazing baby (I just knocked on wood and realize that today will probably be the day all that changes). Image Kamden, Jade, & Garner LOVE him. He gets passed around a lot and loved on even more. Garner has adjusted well and is doing great as a big sister. She just adores him. Image I know so many have been waiting on an update so here goes! Harvey weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces when he was born. He started nursing minutes after being born and has been doing fabulous ever since. This is a HUGE blessing and something so many of you have prayed for me. We knew there was a good chance with his cleft lip that he might not be able to nurse but Praise The Lord he is doing well! He is gaining weight too, which is another blessing. As long as he continues to gain weight, I can keep nursing!Image Yesterday we were able to go meet with our doctor at Children’s.  Children’s has a clinic in Lowell, which is a lot closer for us.  Our doctor comes once a month to see patients there so we were able to do our first appointment there.  We found out that they will allow us to continue to come there for our monthly visits in Lowell.  Another huge blessing!   The doctor said Harvey looks great!  He does have a notch in his gum that looks to be a pretty good one.  We won’t know what all this will entail until later on.  It could effect a number of things, but right now we are not going to worry about it because they can’t fix it until later on. His surgery on his lip will be at 3 months which will fall at the first of July.  We will get a surgery date soon.  One thing that I was concerned about was his eating after surgery.  We knew that he could not take a binkie after surgery (so we decided not to give him one) but I wasn’t sure about feedings.  We found out yesterday since he is nursing, it won’t effect anything!  He gets to continue to nurse after surgery!  Another blessing!! If he was bottle fed, we would have to use a syringe to feed him. Image So, as of now, Harvey is doing great! {and he is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!} He is eating well, his cleft looks minimal, and we just feel incredibly blessed!  Thank you all for your prayers, calls, meals, and visits!

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