Hot Mess Express

img_9785I have self proclaimed to be Hot Mess Meinardus.  I truly feel that way most days.  I mean there are moments each day that I think I have it together, but those moments are few and far between.

Harvey is almost 3 and is not potty trained yet or even close.  He turned 2 and we had a vacation planned so I said I would work on it when we got back.  We got back and bought land and I suddenly became miserable in pregnancy and just said it would wait until the baby got here.  Then we moved into the camper and I thought potty training would be easy because we live in such close quarters.  Nope!  Hasn’t happened!

This morning he woke up with a dry diaper and I thought ok today we will just start!  “Harvey lets go pee pee in the potty!”  “no thank you, I not wet”  So I threw out a little incentive “Harvey, if you pee pee in the potty you get a treat!”  Well Harvey could care less I said this but his sister, on the other hand, all the sudden perks up. “I want a treat!”  I calmly explained to her that it was for Harvey because he was potty training.  Tears ensued and a full on melt down happened over her lack of getting treats.

But now, Harvey is begging me to play with the potty train.  He has asked over and over and when I say it is not a toy he says “is it on your phone?” geeeeee So maybe he isn’t ready after all.

Look, I am sure there are others who have it more together than I do.  But I get on IG and I see moms doing crafts with their kids by candle light and I think Ummmm no, if we do crafts by candle light someone is going to burn the house down.  I see perfectly posed photos of siblings surrounded by casual scattered florals and I think who does that?  My kids would have already tried to eat all those flowers or ripped them up and thrown them like confetti. I don’t know if they are staged or maybe their life is really that pretty, but either way, I am here to tell you mine is not!

I have to spend my days cleaning up messes and trying to keep Harvey off the counter, Garner from over loving Vera Jane, and trying my best to keep groceries in stock. And lets not forget running my big two to all the things!  I am lucky if I get a shower when I want one and some days I am doing good to put on a clean shirt!  That is the truth!

In a world filled with seemingly perfect lives, I feel it to be freeing to admit mine is not!  If I claim all the pretty and perfect, then I have to continue to live up to that and lets face it- aint nobody got time for that!  I have said it before and I will say it again, if you see me out and I am somewhat put together, just smile and know that I am really a hot mess on the inside!  And if I am looking the part, just high five me for braving all the hot mess on the outside!

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