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Not Measuring Up?

dsc_9374ccBeing content in life can sometimes be a struggle, am I right?  I find myself hating Thursdays because I run around a lot.  Preschool drop off, then preschool pick up.  Then dance, wait around for soccer to start, then soccer.  All the running, with all the kids is exhausting and when you add in that all 3 little ones need to poop during all the running around- the baby exploded and I used about 20 wipes to clean up her and the carseat,  Harvey pooped minutes after Garner used the lady bug potty in the van. (if you have small children and don’t have a potty training potty in your trunk, get one!  It will save you from all kinds of bathroom situations!)  By the time I get home on Thursdays I am at hot mess.  Lets face it, hot mess is just my word for this season.  I guess it is two words, but you know what I mean!

I seriously can find myself in a constant state of discontent if I am not careful.  It is always something at this house, ummm I mean camper.  I know that if I started listing all the things I would have lots of moms nodding their heads saying “yes girl, yes!” because the reality is, most of these things that are always happening are just part of it.  I just reread what I typed and sighed big.  My own words cause me to stop and sigh because sometimes I just wish that wasn’t the truth!

BUT- when I go to my trusty bible and start digging into what it has to say about being a mother and wife I find all kinds of fun stuff.  Like Proverbs 31.  Who is this lady?  She makes clothes and sells them.  She cooks good food, she keeps the affairs of her house in order.  She speaks wisdom and faithful instruction. She opens her arms to the poor and needy.  She makes profitable trades, she works vigorously, she gets up early.  Her husband praises her.  GOOD-NESS…… ummmm, I don’t sew.  Right now I don’t cook anything except toaster waffles (totally the campers fault), the affairs of my house are far from in order. wisdom? faithful instruction?  how about speaking pleas to the 2 year old? does that count? I am in survival mode most days so I know I am not extending anything to anyone.  Everyday I am awoken by a tiny human screaming “Mommy get me a waffle and milk” and I say  “ugh, I should have gotten up earlier”.  Needless to say, I am so not living up to that Proverbs 31 woman.

Most days, if you ask me, I would say I fail at more than I succeed at.  Through prayer I feel like God has encouraged me to see things differently though.  I hear His voice saying “you have what it takes.”  I am reminded that I need to quit focusing on where I don’t feel I am measuring up, and focus more on where I am getting it right, even if it seems like it isn’t much.  I need to extend myself some grace- enough grace to get me through the bad days so I can keep going and not give up!  In fact, something that has helped me in giving myself grace is this: Stop- think about the situation different.  If this were someone else telling you the same story your are currently beating yourself up over, what would you tell them?  Would you be quick to encourage them to give themselves a little grace?  If I take myself out of the equation, I am usually quick to see it different.  If you would extend others grace in the same situation, give yourself grace too!

When I was looking though all the verses on the subject of motherhood and caring for our families, I saw over and over again the message that God is with us in our time of need.  “I call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me” Psalm 120:1  So many times throughout my days, I try to take it all on myself.  I try to do it alone and don’t call out to Him and ask Him for help.  But oh when I do, it can make the craziest of situations ok!

1 Chronicles 28:10 says “Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary.  Be strong and do the work.”  Although this passage is David talking to Solomon about building the temple, it really reminded me that God has chosen ME to be where I am now.  To be a mother and wife, and build this household up in Him.  Again in 1 Chronicles 28:20, David is encouraging Solomon- be strong and courageous, do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, For the Lord God is with you, He will not fail you or forsake you until the work is finished.  I find this so encouraging where I am right now.  Sometimes the work of keeping our homes running is difficult and frustrating but we can’t stop working at it.  We can’t allow ourselves to feel discouraged.  God is with us, He does promise us that!

I love that The Lord doesn’t leave us to do this alone.  I have been entrusted with a mighty calling in motherhood and caring for this household.  It truly is a BIG responsibility and I am ever thankful that His grace, love & mercy are covering it all!  Today I am clinging to the reminders that it isn’t about perfection or always getting it right, but it is more about continuing to fight the good fight for our family and choosing to not give up!  I hope this finds you encouraged today!


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