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And… He’s 12!



I was a nervous 17 year old girl.  I had no clue what the next 24 hours would be like, let alone the next 12 years.  Joel and I checked into the hospital at 10:00pm to start the induction process the next day.  The night was a blur because they had given me something to help me sleep.  I woke up the next morning to find out it was time to have a baby without the help of pitocin!  Kamden was ready to be born and was not waiting on the doctor!  He came into this world quickly into the nurses arms and peed all over her! That sweet 6 pounds 10 ounce baby boy stole our hearts immediately!


I would love to say that the adventures motherhood have been easy, but any mother knows that is not true!  However, I am incredibly thankful that God has extended me so much grace and love all these years!  I am beyond blessed to be a mother and although I became a mother very young, I am grateful for all the things I have learned through the trials of being a young parent.  There have been many hardships over the past 12 years, but God has never wasted anything.


Kamden you are truly a blessing to our family!  Your hard work and willingness to help always amazes me.  You have a big heart and imagination.  You love endlessly and you care for your family.  You are smart (oh man you are smart- maybe sometimes too smart!) Your love for reading inspires me to want to jump into the book with you!  You can build things incredibly well and I know you will use your hands to create so many amazing things!  I love your smile and how it lights up your entire face!  Oh and your eyes- they are so genuine.  Your curiosity and thirst for knowledge is obvious. I have enjoyed watching God shape your heart and mold you into the young man He desires for you to be.  I can’t wait to see where God takes you!


Happy 12th birthday to our amazing boy!



2 thoughts on “And… He’s 12!”

    1. Oh thank you Teresa! I appreciate that sweet comment! And you taking time to read my blog- that really encourages me!

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