She’s turning 3!


Dear Garner,

Tomorrow you are turning 3! You are such an amazing little girl.  You are loved by so many people!  You have brought us so much joy over these last 3 years and I know you will continue to bring your joy to us daily! You have the biggest personality and everyone can see it.  You are very strong willed which can be difficult but we are thankful and know one day that strong will is going to do great things!  You know exactly what you want and you aren’t afraid to ask for it. God has big plans for your little life!

DSC_1230 DSC_1236cc

You are hilarious and make us laugh every day!  You loved telling knock knock jokes and even made one up this year.  “knock knock- whose there? Birdie- Birdie who? Cow poop birdie” I know, its not that funny, but it is when you tell it!  We have so much fun playing with you and watching your imagination shine.  Just last week you told everyone at church you had super powers in the buttons on your sleeves.


You love animals and seeing the baby farm animals makes you very happy.  Being outside is one of your favorite places to be.  I love watching you swing and hearing the joy in your laughter and the smile on your face as you swing higher and higher!  You beam when you smile sweet girl!

DSC_1400cc DSC_1395cc

You love your family.  Your big sister is your best friend and I think you would both be lost without each other.  I pray that never changes!  You and your big brother are sweet together too.  I can see how much you love him when you ask him a million questions and his smile back at you says it all! And lets talk about that baby brother- You may love him more then he wants to be loved!  You ask me all the time if you can have a sleep over with Harvey.  You are becoming more of a daddy’s girl and that melts my heart almost as much as it melts his.  You love riding on the tractor with daddy and helping him outside.  You are such a good helper to mommy too.  From helping with dishes and laundry to cooking and picking up!

DSC_1378cc DSC_1358cc

Right now some of your favorites are: Chocolate, dancing, minnie mouse, pink & purple, dresses, preschool, bubble gum, macaroni & cheese, and cowboy boots to name a few.


Garner, we love you so much and you bless us big time every day!  Our prayer for you is that you never loose that bright personality and that you will continue to love others.  That you will allow God to shape and mold your life and do great things for His Kingdom!  You are an amazing little girl!


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