Homemade Refried Beans

I must admit, we have tried and tried to stay on a healthy eating plan for years.  We have slowly made changes, but seem to always fall back into the ease of “convenience food”.  About 4 years ago we started purchasing only grass-fed meat from a local farmer and that is one thing that we have been able to stick to.  We have tried to cut out all processed foods and boycott fast food, but it always seems like we end up in a hurry and we cave.  We have been able to cut way back on all of yuck, but have trouble figuring out snacks, lunches, and an easy breakfast option for the kids.  

I feel more and more certain that how we eat effects our health.  I have never been more ready to figure out how to battle the ease of convenience.  So, I am going to share what I find that works!  A few months ago I made my own refried beans.  They were amazing!  I kept telling myself I want to do it again, but hadn’t. Instead I just keep buying those darn cans!  I keep learning that the key to healthy living is planning, hands down.  When I went grocery shopping I made sure to buy dry beans so I could make my own.  

Yesterday I soaked the beans all day, then last night before bed I started them in the crock pot.  By the time I turned them off, they had been cooking on low for 13 hours.  Then I made the refried beans using this recipe I found here.  I made enough beans to do 2 batches so I could have some to freeze for another time.   We decided to make bean and cheese quesadillas for lunch.  They were amazing!  We used corn tortillas as well as a few flour we had too.  We served them with a side of sour cream for dipping and the kids loved them!  



I was lazy (or in the middle of flipping a bunch of quesadillas) and did not get my good camera out, but luckily I remembered to snap a picture with my phone, so there you have it.  Bean Quesadillas made with homemade refried beans.  Once you try these beans, you will never want to eat them out of a can!