SmithMade Soap Co: Natural Products

There are a few qualities I look for when I am searching for new products for our family.  I love natural, chemical free products, so when this is an option and it is affordable, I lean towards those products.  I also love to support small  businesses whenever I can.  I will also say smell matters to me.  I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell (I think it may be a curse) so it has to smell good to ME!


I stumbled onto SmithMade at our local Farmers Market. They are a local small business and have natural products that smell great- exactly what I look for!  I have tried several of their products.  Today I wanted to share a few of them!


First off are their bar soaps.  The two scents I have are Evening Lavender and Hello Sunshine.  They both smell so good!  My teenage daughter stole the citrus bar because she loved it so much.  I feel like some bar soaps leave my skin feeling dry but I didn’t get that with these.  (bar soaps are $6.95)


Next up, the bath salts.  The Sleepy Citrus smells great!  We love using bath salts at our house and these were a hit!  I put some in my kids bedtime bath- I am not sure it made them sleepy, but it didn’t hurt the cause!  (bath salts are $5.95)


I love sugar scrubs and lavender so I was excited to try SmithMade’s version.  As I expected, it is wonderful!  I have never really used balm and have been a little nervous it would leave me feeling too oily.  Recently my daughter had a really raw patch of skin and we used this balm to soothe it.  It was wonderful! I am now a fan of the skin balm!  (sugar scrub is $4.95 and skin balm is $6.95)


I am fairly picky about lip balm.  Sometimes they leave your lips sticky or the flavor is so strong you taste it.  Sometimes they feel gritty on my lips or too oily.  I was really hesitant to even try these because I really am picky….. But I did like these!  I prefer a mint flavor (which they do have one), but my favorite of the three is honey bliss.  I also noticed they have a fall spice scent that I would like to try too! These leave your lips feeling wonderful! (lip balms are $3.95)


Lastly, I tried their bug spray.  They have several scents but I went with the fresh blend.  Bugs love me and I haven’t found much that seems to work for me.  I would love to say this one was the exception, but for me it didn’t work great.  That being said- not much does!  I will say, this smells so much better than any of your traditional bug spray and I loved that I wasn’t using chemicals.  I think it is worth $5.95 to try and see if it works for you.

I will be shopping with SmithMade again! If you are local to Fort Smith, AR you can find Smith Made at the farmers market in FS on Saturdays.  You can find them online on their Facebook or order from the SmithMade Website



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