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All the things

DSC_5123ccI have been wanting to update the blog a little bit.  When I started the blog over 4 years ago I thought my blog would be focused a lot around my family and that is where the name “marvelous meinardi” came from.  It has evolved and I wanted a name that reflected where I feel I am today in my writing.

Last week a friend text me and said she had a surprise for me.  When I saw her later that day she handed me a cute little bag that said “all the things” on it.  She was smiling big and although it was cute, I was confused.  I tried to hide my uncertainty, but I am sure  the confusion was written all over my face.  She seemed really excited about this gift and I was unsure why.   I started to think maybe it is because I always have a lot of stuff?

“I saw it and thought of you because that is your phrase!”

What?  My phrase?  Do I say that????

We happened to be at discipleship group and everyone in the room said YES!  We all laughed at the fact I was clueless to this.  How in the world do I say this often and have no clue??

Then it hit me- All the things is perfect for my blog!  I like to write whatever I feel is on my heart.  The topics range so, “all the things” is fitting!

By the way, I am now VERY aware when I say “all the things” and it seems I do in fact say this a lot!  Has this ever happened to you??

The blog is a work in progress but for now, it has a new name and is my new blog address!

As always, I appreciate all of my readers who come alongside of me on this journey!

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