Party, Princess Style

When Garner said she wanted a princess party I immediately had a vision for a party filled with gold glitter and pink florals.  I couldn’t wait to start planning all the things!  But a request for a real princess had me trying to figure out how to pull it off.  But then a good friend let me in on a secret!  She was in the process of starting a business that did just that!  She was going to be making character appearances at parties!  I was so excited to be her first party and let me just say, she was amazing!  I am going to highlight my favorite things from the party and share a few ways I  saved money and give props to a few places who helped make the party great!


We had the party at our unfinished house because that is where the birthday girl wanted it!  Joel built me a new kitchen table which worked perfect for the party!  I wanted cute place settings for each girl so I spent about $0.25 per sheet of scrapbook paper  to dress up the table.  I also bought plastic cups from Dollar Tree (6 for $1) and used modge podge and glitter to make fancy punch cups.  This won’t help many people, but I got the flowers on sale after Valentines day!  $4 a dozen!  I normally buy flowers at Sam’s though because they are cheaper and always gorgeous! The gold Glitter HBD sign is from Hobby Lobby.  $4.99 but I used my 40% coupon on it.  Table cloths were all Wal-Mart $1 each.  I tried to keep things simple but elegant.


The party was from 2-4 so I planned sweet treats, fruit, and cheese and crackers.  The cookies turned out amazing!  They came from That Cookie Lady.  Find her on IG or I can get you her contact info!  Not only did they taste great, but they were beautiful!  Lets talk about cupcakes. Cake or cupcakes can easily become a huge expense with any party.  I went with Sam’s cupcakes because they are $15 for 30.  You can have them color the icing any way you would like!  We always get the whipped icing which was a hit at the party.  I ordered my gold crown cupcake toppers from Amazon, $7 for 20.  I didn’t get a picture of the punch, but we did pink lemonade (our favorite is the Simply Raspberry Lemonade) and 7up which was yummy!


Princess Aurora’s arrival was magic!  The girls were all so excited to see her!

gstoryThe first activity that Princess Aurora planned was an interactive story time.  She brought a prop for each girl to participate in telling the story of Sleeping Beauty.  It was such a fun, well done story time!  She also sang a song with them (she has an amazing singing voice, just like on the movie!)


Up next,  Aurora painted each girls face!  The girls loved this part!


while face painting was going on, Big sister Jade made princess putty with the girls. Another fun, but messy activity!  We used colored glitter glue to make the putty, which allowed us to have pretty, glittery putty without making a mess with food coloring and glitter!


This princess is full of talent and surprises!  She made each girl a balloon crown or wand!  What a fun take home!


I knew that Aurora was going to be signing autographs so I wanted to incorporate something for the girls to take home with the autograph.  I came up with this-   scrapbook paper+a polaroid with the princess+some washi tape, it made for a fun party favor!


Before Aurora left to head back to the Enchanted Forest, She gave Garner a special crown and reminded the girls what it means to be a true princess- always be kind to others and love one another.


The party was a huge success and I owe a lot of that to 4everyoung Parties!  If you are looking for an affordable, fun, entertainer for your next party, talk to Jana!  She really was incredible and absolutely exceeded our expectations!

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