It’s Finally Fall!

I have always loved fall!  There is something about the colors, the temperature, the food, boots and sweaters! I woke up yesterday and it smelled like fall.  It felt like fall.  The crisp air made me smile big!  I hate being cold, but there is something about the need for a sweater and a hot cup of something yummy (apple cider is one of my favorites this time of year) that just makes me happy!  I love sitting around the fire pit talking and enjoying family and friends.  I love eating soup on a cool day or a pumpkin muffin for breakfast.  Fall is a time people stop and reflect their blessings.  We recall what we are thankful for and look forward to the holidays that are approaching.

Another one of my favorite things about fall is the decorations!  This year I decided to just decorate our small porch.  We come in and out through the side porch so I decided to just focus on that area this year.  We are in the middle of renovations everywhere but I really wanted a little fall happiness when you came in!

I started by walking out in the fields here and gathering up weeds, berries, dead grass, and who knows what else I got.  I am just making it up the “what” because I just picked up things that looked pretty and “fallish”. I already had these two planters on my porch so I filled them up with small pumpkins and my field finds. DSC_5270cc DSC_5273cc I have this wagon that was red at one point.  I painted it aqua and let it naturally weather (meaning we forgot to put it up it was just left outside and the rain and elements aged it up nicely) over the years.  I thought it would be the perfect pumpkin holder and it is!  I used an old crate, more of the stuff I gathered from the field that I bunched up and tied with twine, of course more pumpkins and this wood sign I made. DSC_5279cc My husband build the sign really quick using scrap lumber and then I stained it dark brown.  I wanted to paint the words “grateful, thankful, blessed” on it.  I am no artist though!  I found a font I liked and then tried to copy it the best I could.  I couldn’t see the pencil marks because of the dark wood so I used chalk!  When I was ready to paint, I took a damp cloth and blotted the chalk so it was very faint and no extra chalk was on the wood.  Once it dried I went back with the wet cloth and got any left over chalk off.  DSC_5266ccThis porch is so small it is hard to get a good “big picture” of it, but you can get the idea of all the elements together.  We recently got new screen doors and stained them dark.  I love them!  Nothing like letting that fall air in the house all day!  The pumpkin “welcome” sign is from Cross My Art, they do the most amazing work!
DSC_5277xxSo happy with the way the porch turned out!

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