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Never Underestimate

individualsWhen problems arise and you are looking for answers sometimes the answers can seem nonexistent, overwhelming, or unobtainable. I often pray about things and sometimes I feel like God is telling me the answer but I will quickly dismiss it because the answer just seems too big.

I keep seeing needs and I have dismissed them. They aren’t mine to deal with. They are bigger then me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to do it. But all the while, I keep hearing God say, Do something. But God, I don’t know if I have any more energy. Do something. Well I would but I just don’t think that will work right now. Do something. Ok God, I will do something, but I will need to wait until the time is right and the circumstances all line up because right now it just doesn’t seem like it will fit. DO SOMETHING.

I am just an tired mom. I am, really. I go to bed tired and sometimes I wake up tired. Lets face it, sometimes I stay worn out in between! I feel like there are people around me who need me though. I think the church needs me. They need me to stop saying “but I am just a mom, there isn’t any more I can do” and I need to start saying “I am just a mom and that is all I can manage BUT God can manage much more and I am going to let Him use to me do it!”

Sometimes I think we all underestimate the power we have as individuals. What happens when you use your gifts and talents to set peoples hearts on fire for Jesus? Lets stop saying we can’t and start realizing God can. What impact can YOU have on one other person? It is a domino effect because the one (or more) that you choose to invest in will invest in others.

So guess what? I am going to stop telling God “that is too big” and I am going to start saying “God that is way too big for me alone, but I will do it and will need you to be my guide and my strength.” I know I can’t but I know He can. I am going to stop looking at all of the reasons why it can’t work and start finding all the reasons why it can. Stop making excuses and start seeking Gods answers to these problems. There is no better time then now and I know if God calls me to it, he will equip me with what I need to see it through!

**Disclaimer**  I know that there are seasons where being a mom is really all we can do.  I have been there!  I am posting this as encouragement.  I am feeling God ask me to do some things and this is just meant to encourage others who feel called to not allow things that seem too BIG stop them from following through.  There are seasons, and I don’t want anyone to feel like I am trying to tell you to do more then you should.  Please pray and ask for discernment for your situation but know that if God calls you to it, He will equip you to do it- even when it doesn’t seem like you can!

1 thought on “Never Underestimate”

  1. Seriously true words! We can do all things through Christ… Doesn’t say ourselves, each other or our circumstances… Through Christ! Thank you for this timely reminder and can’t wait to see what God leads you to do, whatever it is will be amazing!

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