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Whatever God is calling you to…


Have you ever asked God what He has for you?  Ever been willing to just do whatever He asks?  I have been praying for sometime that God just reveal to me what he wants me to do next.  I am in a new season full of new things and I find myself more then ever seeking His will over mine.  A few weeks ago I was praying in the car on a drive to NWA and I felt like God was telling me to encourage moms.  I felt like he was saying moms need to be encouraged in their roles as moms and you can do it.  I was talking out loud to God and pretty much just said “ok God I can do that!  I can encourage moms when I am having conversations and hear they need it.”  But it felt like He said “no, there is more”

I will tell you that I have never felt like God was asking me to do something like this.  I know it might not seem like something HUGE but I felt he was really asking me to do it.  So I started praying daily for the details, the plan.  I need a plan- I am a planner!  I asked my husband to pray for me too.  I didn’t really tell anyone about this because I had no idea what I was suppose to be doing! Everyday I would pray, and everyday God would send me some sort of message.  For about a week the message was “whatever God is calling you to, just do it”  I felt stronger about this calling everyday.  But still had no idea how I was suppose to do it.  I thought maybe I was suppose to start some sort of group.  But it just didn’t seem possible.  Moms are busy already, I am busy, when would have time to meet?  So I just kept praying.

I decided that maybe blogging was the way I was suppose to reach people.  But I still just wasn’t sure.  Then I got this message from a girl who I didn’t really know.  Our kids were in the same preschool class 5 years ago but I didn’t really know her.  I mean I would wave and say hi if I saw her at Walmart but I didn’t know anything about her and she didn’t know anything about me either.  We hadn’t even been Facebook friends until a few days prior to her message.  Her message sent chills up my spine.  It basically said that as crazy as it sounded, she felt like God told her I was suppose to speak at their Mother/Daughter banquet at her church.  She said she wasn’t even sure if I was a speaker (I am not!)  She gave me her number and asked me to call her if I was interested.  When I called my first question was “did someone tell you to ask me?”  I could tell she was feeling a little bit embarrassed and said “I know it sounds crazy but as I prayed about who was suppose to speak your name just kept coming to my mind and I felt like God was saying it was you”

So I feel like God asks me to encourage moms, then I get asked to speak at a banquet for moms?  WOW- how could I even possibly deny that God was really asking me to do all that?  I am still humbled and overwhelmed to be used.  But guess what?  We all can be used and God has something for all of us, we just have to ask, and be willing to do whatever it is that He asks of us.  So He asked me to speak at this banquet and I said yes.  Even though I didn’t feel equipped, worthy, or ready to do that!  God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.  I kept reminding myself of that!

I would like to say I was so excited to speak in front of people.  That it was a dream come true, but the truth is I was scared to death!  I had no idea what I would say or how to say it! I would also love to tell you that I feel like I did a great job speaking at the banquet.  I don’t know what I said and just pray that I said something that someone in that room needed to hear!

I hope that those who read this will see it as encouragement to just ask God for vision and then be ready to do what he asks you to do!  Even if it is scary and outside of your comfort zone!  Speaking in front of people was scary for me, but I did it and it feels great to have been able to step outside of my fear to do what God asked! God’s plans are so much bigger and better then our own!

I have more blog posts coming to share some of what I have been experiencing as a momma and hoping that it will encourage other momma’s too!


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Harvey gets the go!

Yesterday we went to our monthly checkup with our Doctor at Children’s.  (We got to go to Lowell again though!)   I can’t say enough about how wonderful they have been already!  Feeling blessed to have them!

We were told last month that they would not be able to schedule surgery until closer to time.  Probably would be June before Harvey was cleared for surgery.  Well yesterday, after seeing how big he had gotten, how great he was eating, and that there had been zero issues so far, they cleared him yesterday!  So now, we won’t be going back to see them until the day of surgery!  That is such great news and a huge blessing!

Harvey weighed 6.13 at birth and 6.5 when we left the hospital.  He weighed 9.14 yesterday!  Almost 10 pounds already!  I am so happy that he is nursing without problems and gaining weight so well!  We feel so incredibly blessed by him!  He is beating all the “norms” for a cleft baby and I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that his lip is not as severe as it could be, and that his palate was not affected, but that in itself is a HUGE blessing!

So now they will call us with a surgery date.  We will go to LR for surgery, then have several follow ups for suture removal and to check his lip.  We are just praying for all of this to go smoothly.  It is always scary when your child is being put to sleep and having surgery.  The surgery will last about 3 hours.

Now we are going to just enjoy this sweet boy and that adorable lip for a few more months.  I am going to take a million pictures of him before they fix it.  I love it just the way it is- but know we have to fix it.  So until then, I am going to just document him like crazy! And who am I kidding, I will document him like crazy after the surgery too, I mean, its just what I do!  Here is a few pictures (just from my phone) that I took before we went to the doctor.  He got all dressed up with his bow tie 🙂 Image