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Our Baby boy


I finally feel like it is time to share some information about our baby boy.  It has been something I have hesitated to share so publicly, simply because we just didn’t know enough.  But I truly feel a calling in my life to be transparent about everything, which is part of the reason I am starting this blog.

In December we had a routine ultrasound to make sure our little boy was growing properly and that everything was as it should be.  We were able to see that he had a cleft lip.  At that point we didn’t know much beyond that.  Suddenly a wealth of information was available.  There were so many “could be’s” and unknowns.  For 5 weeks we just prayed and ultimately gave it all to God.  We found out about the Cleft Clinic at Arkansas Children’s hospital and made an appointment for a prenatal consult.  We also were able to schedule another ultrasound for 27 weeks.

2 weeks ago we had that 27 week ultrasound and were able to see this precious baby more clear.  He is so perfect and beautiful!  We were told that ultrasounds don’t do a great job at diagnosing cleft palate, but from what they can see it does appear that he does not have a cleft palate.  His cleft lip also looks very narrow which is great!

Wednesday we were able to meet with the team at Children’s.  They were wonderful.  They had an overwhelming amount of information to give and we are thankful to have it all.  At this point there are still so many unknowns that we will not know until he is born.  We know the first year of his life is going to be a little crazy, full of trips to ACH, and at least one surgery.  There is so much more to a cleft lip/palate then we could have ever imagined.  The good news is, no matter what it is, they can fix it!  We know that the diagnosis could have been much worse and we are thankful that it is not.  We fully trust God with all of this!

Now we are just looking forward to meeting our sweet little Harvey Powell!

Family, My Story

Here we are!

Here we are, starting 2014 and I am trying my hand at this blogging thing again.  I have so many fabulous things to say and share and feel like it is just time I stop depriving people and get it out there! 


To sum up our sweet little family, we are living in a work in progress farm house that we LOVE!  My husband’s dream is to be a farmer, but we are just wanna be’s right now.  We have dogs, cats, a rabbit, a pig and chickens.  Also living on the farm are some cows and a goat.  More on that later.  


We have 3 children.  Kamden is our oldest, He is 10 and is the little man of the house.  He loves legos, minecraft, building things, working outside, and all the animals we have have.  He is a super cool kiddo.  Jade is our middle child, she is 8.5 (you can not forget the .5) She is momma’s helper.  She loves learning to do “mommy things” like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her little sister.  She is the biggest help!  She also loves dolls, crafts, and creating.  She has the biggest heart!  Garner Reese is the baby (for now), is about to turn 2 and is such a joy.  She has the a bubbly personality that keeps us laughing at her all the time.  She talks non-stop, loves coloring, babies, and following around her big brother and sister.   Harvey Powell has not made his appearance yet so his bio will be coming soon.  


We homeschool the kids and love being able to do that.  We are always pursuing healthier eating habits and hope to continue to find ways to cut out all the awful things that are in convenience food.  We enjoy having a garden, and cooking and baking from scratch.  


Joel and I have been married a little over 10 years and have never been happier.  We have found that life just keeps getting better.  I don’t know that it has ever been easy, and don’t think it ever will be, but we sure enjoy the journey!  We love God, our church family, and look forward to whatever is to come!